#1 Lavender Essential Oil - Pure Lavender Oil by Living Pure Essential Oils - Aid Relaxation and Freshen Rooms - PUREST Lavender from Europe - 100% Organic Therapeutic & Aromatherapy Grade - 15ml


  • • A FRAGRANT MIRACLE. Long used by the perfume industry as the base of many scents, LAVENDER OIL used in a diffuser will bring a floral tone to any room while it cleans the air to ward off bacteria or viruses. Dab a bit behind your ear for a light natural cologne, or put a few drops on a damp washcloth and add it to the dryer with your bed linens. The resulting trace of lavender in your sheets will help fend off insomnia and ease you gently toward sleep each night.
  • • THERE'S MORE. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, LAVENDER OIL will soothe poison ivy, a bee sting or spider bite and aid the healing of minor burns. Put a drop on your temples to relieve a headache or hypertension, or mix a drop or two in water to keep nausea or car sickness at bay. Feeling depressed? Add a drop or two to your body wash or shampoo for a refreshing, uplifting shower that's gentle on your skin and can even fight dandruff.
  • • INVITE CALM. The scent of lavender has a calming effect on the mind, and used in combination with a few quiet minutes of deep breathing or meditation, it can clear away obstacles and restore a fresh mental state - like pushing the reset button on your day. If you're an agitated driver, try adding a few drops of LAVENDER OIL to a washcloth and place it beneath the driver's seat to create a peaceful atmosphere within your car.
  • • LIVING PURE ESSENTIAL OILS soothe countless common complaints, discomforts and irritations.

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Change the nature of your days by adding LAVENDER OIL from Living Pure Essential Oils to your way of life.

Keep a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of LAVENDER OIL to freshen your home, car, garage, office, motor home or hotel room. Spray yourself after a shower for a gentle, natural perfume, or spritz your closet for a sense of summer freshness. Use a few drops in a candle diffuser to add a hint of romance to an intimate dinner, or massage a drop into your temples to relieve a headache. Rest assured, our LAVENDER OIL is 100% organic, farmed without pesticides and processed without additives or chemicals. We use only the flower to keep our fragrance light, sweet and pure - watch out for others who stretch their formulas by including the heavier, less desirable stalk. While they can still claim their formula is "organic," the quality doesn't come close to ours.

We stand behind our oils and blends. If you're not happy, return any Living Pure Essential Oils product within 30 days for a full refund.