Clavin Ultra N8 - Erection Buster - Be Ready in 12 Hours

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Food Supplement, 8 capsules Clavin ® ULTRA - the unique composition of the dietary supplement. Maka (Custard pepper / Lepidium meyenii ) promote sexual desire and helps to preserve the natural sexual activity and energy. * * According to the European Food Safety Authority : EFSA -Q - 2008-4145 & 3571 TRI arginine COMPLEX TM - 2080 mg (4 capsules ) L- arginine monohydrochloride L -Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate L- citrulline Clavin ® ULTRA active substance consisting of various arginine and Frome called TRI- Wave TM complex , prepared by a special galenic preparation technology . A dietary supplement composition is enriched and the highest quality extracts ULTRA ACTIVE TM to enhance the TRI- Wave TM complex effects. TRI- Wave TM COMPLEX ACTIVE TM ULTRA and interaction to ensure maximum effectiveness of the product . Who can use Clavin ® ULTRA ? At any age sexually mature males . Do Clavin ® ULTRA works quickly ? In sexual stimulation , the preparation effect quickly.