Iron-Free Fat Flush Kit

  • List Price: $77.77




  • 30-day Supply
  • Includes Weight Loss Formula, GLA-90 and Iron-Free Dieters' Multivitamin and Mineral
  • Iron-Free Recommended for Men and Post-Menopausal Women. Regular Kit also available.
  • Complete detox nutrient support for all Fat Flush programs.*

Product Detail

Product Description

UNI KEY's Iron-Free Fat Flush Kit offers an advanced level of detox nutrient support for all Fat Flush programs. It does not contain harsh stimulants common in many weight loss products, such as ephedra, guarana, caffeine, and aspirin.

Kit includes:

Weight Loss Formula*
90 capsules
Formula contains 400 mcg of chromium and 500 mg of L-Carnitine tartrate shown to support your weight loss efforts when used with diet and exercise. Plus, a stimulant-free combination of safe, supportive nutrients and herbs that help to:

- Support blood sugar levels*
- Support optimum energy levels*
- Support healthy fat metabolism*

Iron-Free Dieters' Multivitamin & Mineral
60 capsules
A comprehensive multivitamin scientifically formulated for daily nutrient support while dieting. This one-of-a-kind detox multi contains nutrients helpful for the body's basic daily needs but not in amounts that will further burden the liver during a time of cleansing. Ideal nutritional insurance for all ages and stages of life.*

120 softgels
Features 90 mg per capsule of the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid from black currant seed oil to stimulate metabolically active brown fat for effortless weight loss support. Brown fat was hailed as the "new obesity treatment" by the New England Journal of Medicine (April 2009). GLA may also help keep skin internally moisturized during weight loss.*