Ladibugs Lice Conditioner 32 Fl. Oz. Pesticide Free, Non-toxic, Safe

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Ladibugs Conditioner is a sulfate free all natural conditioner that is good for your hair and scalp, while also fighting lice. Ladibugs Conditioner is made with the highest quality natural ingredients and essential oils. This product contains detangling properties that are great for daily use and getting rid of lice. When used daily with Ladibugs Shampoo, Ladibugs Conditioner can help defend your hair from lice infestation by washing out the lice before they have a chance to multiply and spread. Ladibugs Conditioner is made with essential oils that lice find offensive. High quality ingredients allow Ladibugs Conditioner to detangle the hair and leave a smooth and silky luster. Ladibugs Conditioner is the perfect product to use before combing with the Ladibugs Metalgrooved comb. It is perfect for children and adults who have a sensitive scalp