Lice Comb for Kids-Nit Removal System


  • Secure Grip - It is very irritating when a comb constantly slips from your hand while using it, as you have to bend and pick it up every time! However, this specially made lice comb features an ergonomically designed handle with anti-slip characteristics so it offers a firm grip
  • Thorough Removal - At times, a few stubborn nits tend to grip the scalp, which essentially hatch to become lice, so you are back to square one. Ordinary combs don't have patented spiral micro-grooving on its teeth, so they are unable to pull out lice and nits minutely. You need this special metal comb to ensure your head is nit free, as it eliminates lice and nits throughout the scalp. It has the ability to pull the offending pests with a single stroke - even the tiniest ones can't stay hidden
  • Simple Maintenance - After using the comb on your hair, it is time to clean up and keep it properly till you need it again.
  • Excellent Functionality - The lice comb, which is aptly named, is crafted with stainless steel for a solid and robust structure
  • Stainless Steel comb is extremely effective and the comb is reusable, so all family members can benefit from it.

Product Detail

  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 0.25 inches;
  • ASIN: B01DUHT7F8
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Product Description

Top Quality Metal Comb Smooth Grooves Eradicates Lice Nits Prevents Future Infestation No Rust or Breakage Lifetime Warranty Effective Technique for Lice Removal

*Tired of picking out nits and lice out of your children's hair every weekend
Infuriating pests causing your hair to itch all the time?
Earlier, the solution to getting lice and nits out of the hair would be to cut or chop it off altogether.
Chemical shampoos were a feasible solution, but long-term usage caused the quality of hair to deteriorate,
while ordinary combs didn't make the cut. The lice metal comb is just what you need to ensure this problem goes away once and for all!

Key Features:
*Sturdy Construction,
Made with stainless steel, the comb has a strong and durable structure, which prevents it from bending, breaking, or getting rusted. Therefore, it is has exceptional longevity as well. *Effortless Mechanism
The comb has tiny grooves etched on to it that latch on to the lice and nits and easily pull them out with one stroke. You don't have to exert too much pressure or use force to make it work - a hassle-free and seamless way to remove even the smallest offenders. *Reusable
You can use the comb multiple times and for every member of the family. It is unisex and works equally well for all types of hair - more efficient than normal combs! Solid Grip
The handle is equipped with ergonomic properties, which offer a secure and comfortable grip, while preventing slippage.
Easy Cleanup
Washing with slightly warm water and soap is adequate to get it clean and store for next time.
Use the comb for a healthy scalp, free from lice and nits and prevent future infestation.