Viva Oasis Pure Raspberry Ketones Capsules Made in the USA *BONUS* African Mango, Acai Fruit, Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol, Apple Cedar Vinegar, Grapefruit Extract and Kelp - 60 Capsules 30 Day Supply.

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  • The capsule form is a very easy way to absorb the positive effects of all these essences. It is only a hard shell for the organic substances that protects them from outside effects and breaks down the moment in reaches your stomach. This way the effects are steadier, as the capsule breaks down slowly and releases the pure materials in even periods of time. In this way the effects start to show gradually, without implementing any stressful effects on your metabolism system.
  • Each package gives you the opportunity to enjoy all these helpful effects for a whole thirty days, with a clean supply of natural ingredients, no binders or filters or chemicals for preservation.
  • The Raspberry Ketone formula is tested and scientifically proven as a natural way to control appetite and increase metabolism. For maximum effectiveness and performance the Viva Oasis capsules have combined the Raspberry extract with other natural fat burners - the African mango, grapefruit extract, acai fruit, green tea, Resveratrol, apple cedar vinegar and Kelp. This way you can enjoy a capsule that works in more than one direction towards improving your physical condition. The green tea extract alone nurtures the power of the herb that helps for conditions such as high cholesterol and problems with the immune system.
  • The combination of essences in the Raspberry Ketone Capsules is scientifically proven to be effective in working as a natural booster for your body. Many studies have showed proof that the increased levels of adiponectin have a positive effect on insulin production. It is the insulin that has one of the key spots in the fight with excess fat, diabetes and slow metabolism. As an additional effect for your benefit, the Viva Oasis capsules also present the effects of the norepinephrine. It increases the natural temperature of your body, which makes it burn more calories to maintain it.
  • A famous TV Doctor, who is one of the most popular American physicians on television is one of the supporters of the formula. He declares its effect as a true miracle for losing weight, especially when it is combined with a proper regime of diet and exercise. The capsules not only increase your metabolism, but also make you more energetic because of the burned calories, as well as less hungry. It is the perfect way to change your life, to have more energy and to finally find an easy way to follow a diet.

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Product Description

What is the Viva Oasis Raspberry Ketone Capsule formula?
It is a mixture of natural aromas from red raspberries; one of the nature's healthiest supplements. The formula is designed to harness the clinically proven positive effects of raspberries which help regulate your adipronectin levels. It is a key protein that determines how fast a person's metabolism is. The ketone formula gives signals to your body to start breaking the fat in your cells and use them as an energy source. This way your body not only has more energy, but also burns fat and calories much faster.

So why is it in capsules?
Compared to our liquid formula this capsule format is an excellent convenient single capsule alternative for those who are busy and on the go.

How it works
When the formula starts to work in your blood it immediately boosts the amounts of the chemical adiponectin. It is produced by your body, so the whole process is completely natural. The Ketone capsules are there only to make it more effective. This protein has the task to regulate the glucose levels in your system, which is all about the rate with which you process the "fat" materials in your cells. This applies especially to sugars and decreases your appetite as well as the craving for sweet. In this way the effects are twofold - you can not only fight the excess fat, but also naturally reduce your appetite. Quite helpful if you are following a diet!

What You Get:
» Potent and High Quality dosage of Raspberry Ketone.
» Other leading fat burning supplements such as African Mango, Acai Fruit, Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol, Apple Cedar Vinegar, Grapefruit Extract and Kelp.