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  • Yacon Syrup is considered to be an FOS or "Fructo-Oligo Saccharide" sugar type, meaning that the body cannot absorb it as sugar. Yacon Syrup is a great substitute sweetener for use in foods or drinks because it able to pass through the digestive tract without being metabolized.
  • Dr. Oz recently featured yacon syrup on his show and referred to it as the "metabolism game changer" because studies have shown that prebiotics help speed up metabolism by promoting skinny bacteria.
  • According to research, the prebiotics contained in FOS are able to lower a hunger hormone called "grehlin" and in doing so, makes you feel full longer and helps curb your appetite. Naturally when you feel full, you do not want to eat anymore. Therefore, possibly causing you to eat less and take in a lower amount of calories per day.
  • Clinical studies have proven that yacon syrup is able to help increase the number of healthy digestive bacteria in the colon while also reducing the population of harmful bacteria. With its strong prebiotic and probitic properties, yavon syrup is easily digestable by the "good" bacteria in the small intestines and the colon.
  • Naturally grown in the fields of Peru, yacon syrup has been used for many centuries as a natural sweetener. It is USDA approved and it is also an ECOCERT certified ingredient.

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Tried Everything Imaginable to Lose Weight?-Bet You Haven't Tried Yacon Syrup...

An All Natural Sweetener That Will Help You Lose Those Extra Pounds

- Reasonably Priced
- Deliciously Sweet
- Made with the Highest Quality

The Simplest Way to Losing Weight WITHOUT Exercise or Dieting

Yacon Syrup has taken the Internet over by storm ever since being featured and recommended on The Dr.Oz Show. The hype surrounding this all natural product is for good reason. This is by no means a "miracle" product that you take once and all your problems are solved. BUT, how hard would it be to add that 1 teaspoon of Yacon Syrup into your coffee for the next couple of weeks? THAT'S when you see your true results. And THAT's how simple it is.

Yacon Syrup is an ALL NATURAL 3 in 1 Sweetener

- Yacon is a natural weight loss aid that works well for men and women of ALL ages.
- It is also considered to be an APPETITE SUPPRESSANT due to its high dietary fiber.
- And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it is also able to help cleanse your digestive system.

We believe so strongly in our product, that our Yacon Syrup is the ONLY syrup to come with a LIFETIME, No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee.

The Simplest Way to Losing Weight is Just One Click Away From Being Yours. Get Started on Your Journey to a Healthier Life NOW!

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