#1Super Lice Treatment - Wipe Out Natural Head Lice Treatment (32OZ)

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  • SUPER POTENT FORMULA FOR ALL LICE STAGES & STRAINS: Doesn't matter if you just caught wind of your kid's head lice infestation or if you've tried multiple products to eradicate the Super Lice populations taking over your kid's head! The WipeOut Natural Head Lice Treatment product is perfect to combat every strain of lice,at any point during their life cycle.
  • SMART LICE ELIMINATION: We have come up with the perfect way to destroy lice from the inside out,without harming the individual. Lice instinctively keep their breathing orifices shut when sensing moisture. Our WipeOut Treatment circumvents this natural defense by naturally suppressing lice response and keeping their orifices open, thus killing them from the inside out.
  • ALL NATURAL TREATMENT ,FREE OF HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Stop exposing your child and yourself to harmful chemical lice treatment products! WipeOut's Head Lice Treatment is free of every harmful chemical agent! Its 100% natural formula includes plant extracts that have proven efficacy against lice.
  • AMAZING RESTORATIVE ABILITIES: A lice infestation causes more than anxious itching and turmoil. Greedy lice fill scalps with feeding craters and scabbed skin, while even when eliminated, their empty eggs are left scattered on hair. In addition to its treatment properties, our amazing WipeOut helps remove any lice residues,soothe and restore damaged scalps and give you well rounded ant-lice care.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE LICE TREATMENT QUALITY: The WipeOut Lice Treatment is the #1 choice by hair technicians and professional salons across the US. Click Add To Cart Now And Get The Most Natural And Effective Head Lice Treatment Product On The Market!

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Say Goodbye To Lice For Good ! - With Headhunter's WipeOut Head Lice Treatment It's every parent's nightmare, a kid coming home with a head full of lice! Not only is a lice infestation the source of constant frustration for your afflicted child,but it also causes an upheaval to your entire house! Treating and preventing lice spread costs you a great deal of money and time. It's likely your kid has suffered the terrible effects of chemical -laden products that tout amazing lice treatment effects but never seem to live up to their claims. The WipeOut Head Lice Treatment Is Your Best Solution For A Natural Elimination Process.Forget harmful, pesticide-based treatment options that leave chemical residues on your child's skin! Our proprietary natural blend's active ingredients include lactic acid, lemon, lemon eucalyptus, and lemon plant extracts to help you eliminate lice in the safest way possible. Make The Perfect Combo This treatment formulation is ideal to use in conjunction with our lice comb (Sold Separately) in order to remove dead lice and empty louse cells. You can also use our amazing prevention sprays to avoid future infestations, too! Get Now The Most Powerful Natural Lice Treatment On The Market. What are you waiting for, then? Click Add To Cart Now Before We Run Out Of Stock!
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