(4) pack, Profoot original yellow Smart Arch Men - bulk - no packaging. heel Arch half length (plantar fasciitis)


  • sold as shown in gray - NOTE: Heel Arch/half length
  • sold as shown in gray - essentially the exact same product... product provides more support than blue product
  • sold as shown in gray - Self molding Vita-Foam memory technology creates custom fit for your feet
  • sold as shown in gray - Ultra-light to prevent fatigue unlike heavier gel inserts . Supports arch and stabilizes heel to improve comfort
  • sold as shown in gray - Custom fit eliminates friction (that burning feeling) Money-back guarantee from manufacturer, PROFOOT Inc.

Product Detail

Product Description

sold as shown in gray - Doctor recommended. Custom fitting orthotics. Advanced therapy for the treatment of foot pain. Automatically adjusts to support high or low arches. Feel the comfort! Made with Vita-Foam Memory Technology. Ideal for: High arches, flat feet, arch pain
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