Neem Oil Head Lice & Nit Solution Treatment Kit 2 Oz Travel Size Kills Head Lice and Nits!

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  • Gentle to Skin, Lethal to Lice! Naturally kills all stages of lice on first application!
  • Contains 3 natural oils proven to kill and repel lice, bed bugs and other biting insects
  • Developed by a P.E. Teacher to safely eliminate head lice on children
  • Safe for All Ages! Safe for Color and/or Chemically Treated Hair!
  • NO PESTICIDES! Naturally kills lice ~ Use weekly ~ Lice HATE NEEM!

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Neem Lice B.O.M.B. Kit includes: one 2 oz Lice Bomb Shampoo, one 2 oz Tangle Free Conditioner, one 1 oz Neem Seed Oil, one Travel Size Neem Oil Soap, one 8 mL Neem Leaf Extract Atomizer, one Neem Queen Bath Tub Tea Soak, one Neem Informational Book, one Nylon Soap Saver, one Lice Comb, one Plastic Shower Cap and one Scrunchie. This kit includes treatment and protective products to kill and repel head lice, body lice and bed bugs. Neem Lice B.O.M.B (Bugs Off My Body) is the natural effective way to kill all stages of head lice on the first treatment. Our Neem Lice B.O.M.B. treatment is gentle on the skin but lethal to lice. Neem Lice B.O.M.B. formula not only kills head lice, it provides soothing relief to calm and heal itchy scalp. Enjoy the fresh, spicy mint scent and rich lather as the Neem Lice B.O.M.B Shampoo goes to work killing lice, nits and eggs. Our selection of highly effective natural herbs and essential oils with effectively kill live lice and nits while it penetrates into the eggs to kill unhatched lice. The Neem Lice B.O.M.B Conditioner works triple duty: (1) to loosen lice eggs from the hair for easier removal (2)nourish the scalp and hair and (3) leave a fresh protective scent on the hair that lice hate. This deters any new exposure for lice to feed or laying eggs. Neem Lice B.O.M.B is Safe for all ages and for those with chemically treated hair. Gentle enough to use daily or as a regular part of your personal care routine. Instructions for use are included in your Neem Lice B.O.M.B. Kit. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.