Axis Labs | Xtract High-Definition Diuretic | Rapid Water Loss | Reduce Bloating | Competition Strength for Men and Women | Bodybuilders and Fitness Models | 20 Servings Per Bottle | 80 Capsules

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  • ✅ AXIS LABS: As one of the most reliable names is sports nutrition supplementation, we are committed to providing our customers with products that are trusted to be safe and effective. At Axis Labs we are dedicated to being the best in this dynamic industry so that you can live an optimal life, able to not only meet, but exceed your health goals. Living a healthy life is important to living a happy life, Axis Labs elite nutritional supplementation helps you get there!
  • ✅ COMPETITION STRENGTH: Getting ripped for a body competition takes extreme diligence, willpower and commitment! Having put all of the necessary efforts in and still being unable to get the "ripped" look you need and desire can be extremely frustrating. XTRACT diuretic formulation will enhance your efforts by getting rid of the excess water that is hiding your muscle definition. Getting dry and hard by can make all the difference when it comes to peak week and competing.
  • ✅ LOSE SUBCUTANEOUS WATER: Remove the layer of water that keeps your muscles from showing through, for that chiseled 6 pack look. No matter how lean you get, if there is a subcutaneous water layer, you will be unable to achieve that dialed-in physique you have worked so hard for. This formula is for those that want to exceed the physical competition standards, giving you that extra edge, in an all natural and safe way.
  • ✅ LOSE WEIGHT, NOT STRENGTH: Diuretics assist in removing excess body fluids that are causing your body to retain unnecessary weight. This formula works for men and women, increasing muscle definition, reducing bloating, and exposing high-definition cuts, striations, and vascularity like never before. Unveil your strength without losing it by decreasing your water weight.
  • ✅ HYPERDRY INFUSION FORMULA: Purging the body of fluids can be harmful if proper care is not taken to balance subcutaneous fluid removal and manage electrolyte levels. The XTRACT blend of ingredients offers both hyperdry infusion and electrolyte infusion, effectively balancing your hydration, so you get chiseled results in a safe way.
  • Workout intensifier.^Increase endurance and energy.^Blast through sticking points.

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Product Description

Axis Labs Quality Assured!

Boasting some of the highest quality health supplements in a dynamic and ever growing and changing industry, Axis Labs maintains the highest product and manufacturing standards. Only using facilities that exceed industry and FDA mandated standards, we guarantee safe and effective products. All raw materials are tested for purity and potency before they are blended into quality formulations.

XTRACT Safe and Effective Fluid Reduction!

At Axis Labs we have worked hard to create a water loss supplement that will make your hard work show!

Competition Strength High-Definition Water Loss Formula!
Water Loss
Competition Strength
Helps Gets You Ripped and Dialed-In
For Both Men and Women
What it's truly like to get ripped and dialed in
Water loss that gets you dry and lean
A shredded physique without losing competition strength
Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are confident that the you, the consumer will benefit from the extra care, research, and effort that goes into every Axis Labs product. We guarantee our products 100%!

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