Banish My Callus Foot Callus Cream Hand Callus Remover - For Softening Rough Hard Dry Skin on Feet Hands Knees Elbows

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  • PENETRATES THICK SKIN on heel, toe and ball of foot to soften dry cracked feet and reduce callus. Apply before bed for best results
  • HEAL ROUGH DRY HANDS and fingers that get so dry they crack and bleed
  • ANTIBACTERIAL & ANTIMICROBIAL properties make this a great callus foot cream for those with athlete's foot and for diabetics with foot callus
  • CROSS FIT, WEIGHTLIFTING, ROCK CLIMBING - Use as a callus reducer to CONTROL the level of callus you need on your palms and fingers for performance without rips and tears
  • CONCENTRATED FORMULA - our thick rich cream is an effective treatment for extremely dry skin. Made with emu oil for its ability to absorb into all 7 layers of the skin

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Product Description

The All Natural Callus Cream That Really Works!

-Do you suffer from thick hard skin or cracks on your feet?

-Have your hands developed calluses so thick they crack and even bleed?

Calluses form to protect us from recurring friction, but if they're not properly maintained they become too thick, and then they cause problems instead of protection.

Emu Joy has combined emu oil with natural plant extracts to produce an emu oil cream specifically formulated to soften calluses and repair dry cracked skin. Apply generously before going to bed. Many people have reported seeing a difference as quickly as the next morning! With continued use your dry hard skin will become even softer and smoother. Painful cracks will heal as well.

ECZEMA SUFFERERS: Help manage your dry red flaky and itchy skin

CROSSFITTERS AND WEIGHTLIFTERS: Prevent the cracks and tears o your hands that keep you from performing your workout (Apply at least 1 hour before workout, then again after showering.) Banish My Callus also helps reduce the need to chalk up as frequently

ROCK CLIMBERS: Hydrate your hands so they don't suddenly crack when you're in the middle of a problem

BEACH GOERS, SANDAL WEARERS & EVERYONE WHO LIKES TO GO BAREFOOT: For feet that are soft, smooth, healthy looking and attractive

Made With Only ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS that Won't Cause Burning or Irritation Like Other Callus Remover Techniques Can. See photo of product label for ingredient list.

NO Parabens NO Chemicals NO Artificial Preservatives NO Alcohol NO Perfumes NO Fragrance Oils NO Synthetic Ingredients

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Wheat-Free

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