100% Pure, Real Yacon Syrup - Highest Verified FOS Percent On Amazon, 8.7 fl. oz! Don't Waste Money on Fake Syrup! Our Yacon Syrup Boosts Metabolism, Increases Regularity & Helps Regulate Blood Sugar - Love It, Or Get Every Penny Back!


  • YOU'LL LOVE OUR NEW AND IMPROVED YACON SYRUP OR YOUR MONEY BACK!! - If our 100% Natural (quality & purity tested and verified by an independent lab) & Pure Yacon Syrup (with NO artificial flavors, preservatives, or binders) isn't the BEST natural sugar substitute you've ever tried ...You'll get ALL your money back! Pinnacle Nutrition backs all their products with a full guarantee.
  • DELICIOUS FOOD SWEETENER WITH PROVEN WEIGHT LOSS -Satisfy your sweet tooth, curb your appetite, and feel full quicker to speed up your weight loss! Feel full so you don't eat as much, without having to give up the foods you love!
  • SAFE & NATURAL -Our 100% Pure, Raw Yacon Root Extract is the safe, healthy, and delicious alternative to sugar! Avoid junk food or dangerous artificial sweeteners, get slimmer and healthier WITHOUT depriving your sweet tooth!
  • OUR SYRUP IS THE REAL DEAL! - Don't be duped into buying fake "sugar water" yacon syrup that is being peddled almost everywhere online! If a yacon syrup vendor can't produce independent, 3rd-party lab tests verifying the FOS content in their syrup, DON'T BUY IT! Our FOS verification documentation is published publicly on our website for everyone to see! If you want REAL weight loss and other health results you need to buy REAL yacon syrup, and that's exactly what we sell!
  • SUPERCHARGED FIBER & PREBIOTICS BLEND FOR MAX HEALTH BENEFITS! -You won't find a Yacon Syrup with better health benefits anywhere else online. Treat yourself to a product that actually WORKS! Our Yacon Syrup is your ticket to a whole new you!

Product Detail

Product Description

"I got on the scale after about 10 days and I had lost 5 lbs, I feel much better" - R. Hale
From the taste, to the label, to the fast shipping, Pinnacle is the perfect company to do business with! - Janet

Hundreds are experiencing the sweet tasting, calorie eliminating, digestion boosting, and weight decreasing power of Pinnacle Nutrition's 100% Pure Yacon Syrup, are YOU next?

What sets our Yacon Syrup Apart?

- It's 3rd party tested and certified to contain at LEAST 40% FOS. The test results are posted on our website. Don't waste money on the fake stuff!

- It's a larger size than majority of yacon syrups, which SAVES YOU MONEY! It comes in 11.5 oz containers (8.7 fluid oz), filled to the top!

- 100% Moneyback guarantee!

*Diabetic Friendly, Safe Alternative to Sugar!*
Finally, you DON'T have to give up the sweet tastes you love! Our customers love mixing it with their coffee, oatmeal, pancakes and more! Plus, using our tasty raw syrup as a non-caloric, low-glycemic sweetener can help regulate healthy blood sugar levels, as well as regularity!

*Satisfy Cravings With Proven Weight Loss!*
Feel full longer and enjoy its appetite suppression properties. As proven by recent scientific studies, Yacon Syrup can help boost weight loss. If you've tried other products (even other Yacon Syrups) but didn't see results, then you NEED to give ours a try!

*Best Yacon Syrup Or Your Money Back!*
If you don't love this incredible, natural alternative to sugar and powerful weight loss aid, Pinnacle Nutrition gives a full refund.

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