Bunion Corrector & Gel Toe Separator - Bunion Pain Relief, Hammer Toe Straightener, Bunion Pads, Hallux Valgus, Aid Surgery Treatment, Orthopedic Bunion Relief Kit, Toe Spacers, Diabetic feet, 3 Pack

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  • ✔EXTREME COMFORT: Apply bunion pad between toes that overlap to prevent rubbing, avoid and inflammation, reduce skin irritation and decrease the risk of infections and corns. Ideal for diabetics and foot pain relief. Our bunion pads can be worn during day and night time to alleviate discomfort. Provides extra support, removes tension, improves balance in the feet. Can be especially helpful when foot problems only start to develop.
  • ✔INSTANT BUNION PAIN RELIEF: FINALLY! A non-medical remedy for bunion pain. Our bunion pads help ease the discomfort, pressure, and inflammation caused by bunions. The package is designed for bunion relief caused primarily by the big toe joint, bunion pads also protect the aggravated area from rubbing against your shoes.
  • ✔WHAT'S INCLUDED: Each Amazon package received by our loyal customers will contain three items in total, 2 gel bunion pads for each foot and an individual gel yoga toe separator designed for the big toe.
  • ✔MULTI-PURPOSE: DON'T BE EMBARRASSED BY THE WAY YOUR FEET LOOK! - With this solution you can take part in all weight-bearing activities that you've always enjoyed - yoga, running, dancing, walking, hiking. This toepal gel bunion pad provides better balance, stability for athletes and old-aged people. Fit securely, can be worn with most types of shoes: open-toed, high heels, athletic, orthopedic shoes!
  • ✅100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Ease Relief has been one of the leading brands for foot care products focusing on providing a non-medical remedy and product for bunion pain. We receive constant positive feedback from our loyal customers daily and to show our appreciation we guarantee 100% money back guarantee to all of our customers for peace of mind and also to provide quality assurance.

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✔Gently realigns toe joints
✔Seperates overlapping toes
✔Instanly stops shoe friction
✔Halt progression of hallux valgus deformity
✔Ease pressure on the bunion
✔Improves Balance
✔Reduces pain from bunions by separating your toes which stretches the underlying tissue to reduce aching and pain
✔Extend standing by providing comfort and support

The moment you slip on your favorite shoes with your new bunion pads you will feel the relief that you desire and deserve! Put the bunion pad on your second toe and make sure the additional padding in form of a cushion is facing the big toe. With this solution you can take part in all weight-bearing activities that you've always enjoyed - yoga, running, dancing, Wear them at night while sleeping and during the day with any shoes to reduce pain in any toe, in any pair of shoes, at any time. Get back to an active lifestyle and live your life to the fullest! Bunion pads won't prevent or fix bunions. But strengthening the toe and foot muscles may relieve pain and discomfort.These elastic care pads, also known as stretchers, cushions, flexible corrective orthotic inserts, are carefully designed to place each toe in the correct position, and improve the strength of your toes

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