Bunion Corrector, Toe Separator, Bunion Relief Protectors,New Material, Gel & Silicone Hammer Toe Straightener, Toe Spacers, Toe Stretchers, for Men and Women, Fight Bunions, Hammer Toes & More!

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  • ✔ SOFT & COMFORTABLE GEL MATERIAL - It made of durable, soft and stretchable medical-grade gel, comfortable and safe, infused with vitamins that release mineral oil to moisturize your skin. Latex-free.
  • ✔ PROVIDES INSTANT RELIEF - The best natural way to relieve discomfort from hammer toe, corns, bunions. Protect sensitive areas, reduce friction between toes. Gel Toe Separator also keep interdigital spaces dry, inhibiting fungus growth.
  • ✔ DOCTOR RECOMMENDED - The stretchable yet sturdy material one size fits most- great for athletes, yoga enthusiast, rehab patients, high heels and tight shoe wearers! Revitalize tired feet.
  • ✔ SOLVE FOOT PROBLEM WITHOUT EXPENSIVE SURGERY - According to the growth alignment to bent or overlapping toes & relaxes strained feet. easing pressure on the toe tips, and eliminating forefoot pain.
  • ✔ WHAT YOU GET - 3pairs(6PCS)Gel Toe Separator + Our Worry-Free 18-Month Post-Sale Guarantee and Friendly Customer Service !!✔Try It and You Will Love It!!

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>>From Pnrskter - America's Leading Health Care Experts
Foot Health - Complex and Vital Body Parts Healthy Feet are Vital for Mobility.
In their lifetime, The average person walks approximately 100,000 miles.
Pnrskter foot care products - focus on your health, and make your life better!
The constant bend in the toe can lead to calluses, sores and blisters when you're working out.
Wear high-heeled or pointy, tight shoes can lead to an increase in foot pain and the development of painful corns and calluses.
>>Great effect
☞Our gel separators great for supporting curled hammer toes, help to align the great toe, relieve bunion pain, and deep joint pain between your toes.
☞Gel Toe Separators also keep interdigital spaces dry, inhibiting fungus growth. Protect sensitive areas, support hammer toes, reduce friction between toes, and ease pressure on sore corns and calluses.
☞SIMPLE TO USE - They would be for both men and women, you could wears them with shoes(High-Heels, hiking shoes, sports shoes and walking shoes) even while working.and it is OK to wear while sleeping.
☞It offers unrivaled protection during any activity, like running, climbing or dancing.
Worry Free Purchasing If You are not Satisfied We Will Refund You and Send You a New One !
>>Usage And Caution
1. It can be reused and easy to clean with water or soap.
2. If it becomes sticky after cleaning, you can add baby powder or talcum powder.
3. Air dry naturally or by paper, not the sun.
4.In the process of use, if you have any questions you can contact us immediately, we will answer for you at once.
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