Colpurex - Highest Quality Colon Cleanse Supplement - All Natural and Effective Detox Cleanse Plus Weight Loss - Boost Energy and Eliminate Harmful Toxins* - Gentle and Safe Formula - Fennel Seed, Lactobacillus Acidophillus, Psyllium Husk Seed Powder, Cap

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  • Gentle, safe formula that wont cause stomach cramps or stomach upsets*
  • Increases energy and the absorption of vitamins and nutrients*
  • Relieves constipation, gas and bloating*
  • Detoxifying blend promotes weight loss, low energy and fatigue*
  • Acidophilus to help support healthy bacteria levels in the intestinal tract*

Product Detail

Product Description

Colpurex is a precise formulation of clinically proven ingredients formulated to provide safe and gentle cleansing of the colon.*

The powerful ingredients help your body eliminate excess waste build up that contains heavy metals, toxins, parasites and other harmful components that can cause a number of ailments and symptoms.*

The all natural purifying and detoxifying formula is powerfully effective but soothing and gentle on your system. You can get your bowels regular again and free yourself from constipation, bloating, and gas.*

Removing and eliminating the accumulated toxic fecal matter will support your immune health, Acidophilus works to help replenish healthy bacteria levels in the intestinal tract.*

Colpurex is Doctor Formulated & Researched Specifically For Promoting Colon Health.*

- Safely clears toxicity and buildup of waste.*
- Improves digestion and nutrient absorption.*
- Formulated with Acidophilus to help balance GI microflora.*
- Reduces number of blemishes and promotes smoother skin.*
- Promotes weight loss.*
- Massively boost your energy and metabolism.*
- Allow your immune system to recover.*
- Lose sluggish feeling & think clearer.*

A cleaner colon means better overall health; enhanced weight loss, increased energy levels, and healthier skin, hair and nails.*

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