DALIVA Compression Foot Arch Support - Soft Gel Pad Cushions - Arch Sleeves for Flat Feet - Plantar Fasciitis Sleeves - Shoe Insert Insole for Foot Pain Relief

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  • You will feel the difference immediately. Professional-grade compression arch supports for fast relief of throbbing pain. Our Power Support technology provides targeted foot and arch support so you can stop suffering and start feeling better - with lasting comfort. Experience our plantar fasciitis support sleeves get back to doing what you love!
  • Great for use on all type of shoes, help the whole feet from hurting, heel pain, plantar fasciitis; with our effective arch support sleeves, back to normal physical activities as possible.
  • With our unique SoftGrip stitching, your arch supports stay in place without sliding around no matter what you're doing. And they don't bunch up, so you can even wear them underneath your socks, shoes, boots, sandals or slippers. Now you're finally free to enjoy your favorite activity in comfort.
  • Some arch support sleeves are too bulky, too hard, itchy, only work in one pair of shoes or just don't fit right. Why settle for anything less than the best? Our Premium design and quality provides a comfortable, snug fit without cutting off your circulation or adding to your foot pain. Our quality is unmatched with a surprisingly soft feel that is comfortably snug.
  • GET BACK TO IT GUARANTEE: Your results are our top priority. It's part of who we are as physicians. So if your purchase doesn't help you get back to doing what you love, we'll find something that will or we'll give you your money back. That's our promise to help you Get Back to the Original You

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What are in the package?
You'll receive two flexible fabric gel arch support sleeves that wrap around your insole, perfectly placing the TPE gel cushion in the arch of your foot, giving full support to your feet, even while wearing shoes or boots.

Don’t Let Pain Stop You From Being Active

Take advantage of modern compression technology. Now you can treat your sore feet with the same compression technology worn by professional athletes and runners.

Don’t let your pain hold you back

Slide your foot in and pull the sleeve up to get instant support and snug compression for your plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches and other foot pain.

They help ease pain and reduce inflammation.
With a soft, mineral oil gel cushion, the hypoallergenic compression sleeves provide arch and mid-foot support that evens out foot balance and may help improve your overall comfort.
All the pain from fasciitis, tendonitis, heel spurs and heel neuromas might be alleviated. They can be worn with or without a shoe and you would feel the relief in your arches almost instantly.

Who Can Benefit?

Great for all types of activity
Extra support for pregnancy, maternity, yoga, nursing, medical, doctor, travel, and fitness workouts at the gym
Boost circulation to reduce fatigue while standing on your feet
And more!
Produced from top Quality Nylon and Spandex)

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