Dr Rogo Toe Spacers For Bunions Treatment Aid, Crooked Toes Alignment & Big Toe Joint Pain Relief


  • Made with dr rogo"s one of a kind durable medical-grade gel.
  • Simple to use no discomfort and can be worn while wearing shoes boots etc
  • Instantly reduce the daily discomfort of bunion and hammer toe pain
  • It separates and protects dislocated and overlapping toes or those that rub against each other.Not only does the spreader reduce the risk of fungal infections, but it minimises friction that can lead to painful injuries of the toes
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Product Detail

Product Description

A bunion can cause many types of foot discomfort issues, but you can easily address them all by simply slipping the Dr Rogo Toe Spacers into place.

  • The spacers are fashioned out of a special medical-grade gel developed by Dr Rogo to provide maximum cushioning and strength, designed to be worn over the second toe.

  • Easily slip on the toe protector, and your big toe will be kept safely apart from the second digit, reducing rub and overlap.

  • The Dr Rogo Toe Spacers help to soothe bunion side effects in a number of ways. By spreading the toes, the spacers help to decrease the chances of corns and calluses developing between the toes. Improving foot alignment reduces muscle strain and pain along the side of the foot and even decreases the risk of fungal infections.
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