• Dressing Change Frequency/Use Max: 7 Day: Check Drainage
  • Latex Free Yes
  • Length Inches 4 in
  • Wound Condition Type Shallow; Min-Moderate Drainage

Product Detail

Product Description

Exuderm RCD Hydrocolloid DRESSING, EXUDERM®, RCD, HYDROCOLD, 4"X4" Medline has developed Exuderm, a range of sterile hydrocolloid wound dressings designed for all stages of wounds. Each product creates a moist environment to encourage wounds to heal. Exuderm RCD Hydrocolloid With Exuderm Regulated Colloidal Dispersion (RCD) Dressing, exudate is absorbed with less meltdown, which in turnresults in less frequent dressing changes and easier wound irrigation.
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