Durable Moleskin Adhesive Roll from PrimeMed (100% Cotton Moleskin) (2 Inch x 15 Feet)

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  • 2" Wide and 5 Yards Long When Unwrapped - These Rolls of Moleskin Padding Are Made with the Highest Quality Material
  • Moleskin is 100% Cotton and Latex-Free and is One of the Most Desirable Materials in the Podiatry Market for Its Versatility - Perfect for Customized Padding for any Injured Area, Making or Refreshing Splints and Cast Lining, Preventing and Soothing Blisters, Corns & Calluses and Many Other Uses
  • Used to Shift Weight Away from Problematic Areas due to Sesamoids, Metatarsal Head Injuries, Bunions, Hammertoes and Prominences and Disperse Body Weight When Placed in the Right Area
  • Use to Compensate for Balance Loss, Improve the Function of the Foot, Lessen Trauma and Swelling, Increase Ankle or Foot Support, Protect from Friction, Pressure and Shearing Forces, Cushion Sensitive Areas and Relieve Yourself from Pain
  • Can Be Used to Aid ANY Problematic Area that Bears Weight or Experiences Friction - No Need to Let Injuries Linger

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With a lot of weight to bear on a small area, the feet go through a lot of impact and abuse. Because of this, they are incredibly sensitive to injuries or irritations. Most foot pain is caused by excess weight or pressure landing on the same part of the foot, whether it be due to sesamoids, injuries to metatarsal heads, hammertoes, bunions, bruises, corns, calluses or prominences. These injuries usually just build up and don't heal because of the weight, friction or shearing forces of shoes. Thankfully, PrimeMed, the leader in moleskin footwear, offers a solution. Moleskin is one of the most highly desirable products in the podiatry market, and for good reason. Moleskin is 100% cotton and latex-free and can be used for an incredibly wide variety of things. These rolls being 2 inches wide and 5 yards long makes them perfect for offering customizable padding for wherever the injury is located, just trim to the desired size. Moleskin padding is frequently used in the manufacture of splints, caring for blisters, adding padding and protection, cushioning sensitive areas and any other foot or ankle injury that is persistent. Finding the right spot to take pressure off and applying the moleskin is a breeze with the high-quality water-based adhesive that is found on it. Applying the moleskin padding to the right area provides instant relief from pain, friction, pressure, and shearing forces, increases the support in symptomatic areas, improves foot function, lessens trauma to injured areas and compensates for loss of balance. Felt should not be placed directly over the injury in all cases, but rather placed where the injury is experiencing too much pressure or friction.
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