First Aid Premium Kit for Car & Home by Raverra - 268 Pcs Including Emergency Hammer, CPR Mask, Blanket, Metal Scissors & Ice Compress

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  • This First-Aid Kit meets INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS of FDA and CE
  • With this PREMIUM FIRST AID KIT you will feel PREPARED AND SAFE for your family travel or at home with a truly useful emergency supplies selection exceeding the usual bandages & wipes.
  • As an EMERGENCY SURVIVAL CASE, 11"x7", it is suggested to use for your car, boat or home. Great as a GIFT too.
  • This ULTIMATE, light weight preparedness kit is spacious enough for you to personalizing your case by adding your own personal, proven pain, antibiotic or other medications.
  • As a BONUS GIFT we added a useful, small pouch with emergency items for your purse or backpack & you're protected by a 100 % SATISFACTION Guarantee and world class customer service!!!

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You Want to Be Prepared and Never Need It!

We are a small family business with car accessories on Amazon. We are really proud to offer products with a premium level of quality and user friendliness just what we would want.

You deserve the feeling of preparedness for an emergency which hopefully never happens. Our First Aid kit is a collection of 268 truly useful items for many different needs plus an extra mini kit for your purse or bag.

If you put your First Aid Bag into the trunk of your car make sure you take out the emergency hammer and put it into the passenger cabin somewhere accessible. That hammer can cut the safety belt as well as breaking the car window if needed.

Ordering today, you're protected by a 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee plus world class customer service!!!

5 sterile gauze pads 1.9"x 2.2", 5 sterile gauze pads 3", 30 alcohol wipes, 30 antiseptic wipes, 10 sting relief pads, 2 rolls of crepe bandages 1.9"x 157.5", 4 rolls of PBT bandages 1.9"x 177.2", 2 rolls PBT bandage 3"x 177.2", 30 adhesive bandages .75"x 2.83", 30 adhesive bandages .75"x 2.2", 30 adhesive bandages .4"x1.6", 30 adhesive bandages 1"x 3", 20 butterfly bandages 1.5"x 3",1 cotton triangular bandage 39.4"x39.4"x 55.1", 1 roll of paper tape with plastic cover .5"x 177.2", 1 roll of Zinc oxide tape .5"x 196.8", 20 Safety pins 1.3", 1 bag of 20 cotton buds, 3 pair of PVC gloves, size L, 3 sterile eye pads 2.4"x 3.1", 1 instant ice pack, IMPROVED 1 way valve CPR face shield, 3 non-woven face masks, 1 gold and silver emergency blanket 63"x 82.7", IMPROVED 1 metal tweezers, 1 pair of scissors, 1 emergency hammer, 1st aid guide , 1 light weight carry case, plus gift pouch (including 5 adhesive bandages .74"x 2.8", 5 adhesive bandages .74"x 2.2", 10 cotton buds, 2 antiseptic wipes and 2 safety pin) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.