Harbre 3 pack Professional Quality Stainless Steel Reusable Terminator Lice Comb

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  • Lice and nit removal without chemicals; 32 micro grooved precision machined round teeth that grab louse and eggs
  • Easily and effectively lifts Lice and nits to the surface without hurting the scalp
  • Comb handle and teeth are made from premium stainless steel; handle has anti slip bands for grip
  • 3 pack of lice combs contains one in each color of red; blue; and green
  • Comb size 3.75 inches long; 2.75 inches wide; comb teeth 1.50 inches long

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Product Description

Efficient lice and egg removal solution

Quickly and effectively remove lice without harsh chemicals

The Harbre lice comb is made with micro spiral grooves in each stainless steel pin that gently and completely removes anything that is attached to your hair. Louse, nits, and even unhatched live louse egg are gently and completely lifted to the surface.

Gentle reusable tool for removing and terminating lice and nits

Lice, nits, and even unhatched live louse egg are gently and completely lifted to the surface. The rounded tips won't scratch your scalp. This tool is reusable and corrosion proof.

Professional quality design and material

These louse combs do not need to be disposed of. They will hold up to chemicals or repeated cleanings.

Convenient 3 pack assures you will always have one available.

Just one Comb is all you need to check and treat the whole family or 3 people can have their own comb and identify it with the colored handle. Professional lice combs can be a treatment for removal either with or without chemicals. Simply apply some hair conditioner and comb. These terminator combs are reusable by simply cleaning with isopropyl alcohol or boiling for 30 seconds. Will not corrode or rust. Good for any length hair. Lice and other pests are on the rise. Everyone should have lice terminator combs in his or her hygiene closet when insects are first detected. Do not be caught short when children or adults are diagnosed.

Small enough to store anywhere

Anti slip handle make these combs easy to use on any hair and easy to clean and store.

Be prepared

  • Great tool for animals as well. inexpensive. Good value. Great for people who do not want to put harsh chemicals or shampoo on their hair. Handi for schools or institutions.

The perfect solution for removing difficult to see louse and eggs.

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