K-Y KY ULTRA GEL Water Based Lubricant (Formerly Sensual Silk) : Size 4.5 Oz. / 133 Ml

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  • Unique water based blend. Proprietary liquid gel. Creamy to the touch.
  • Perfect for those with sensitive needs. Easily washes off. Non staining. Latex, condom, and sex toy friendly.
  • With a unique water-based formula, K-Y Ultragel provides an incredible touch to your intimate moments. It's a wonderful way to improve solo play, foreplay, or sex, and it's gentle enough for everyday use.
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  • Net wt : 4.5 Oz. / 142 g

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A long-lasting water-based liquid gel form that is not sticky or greasy and easily washes off. #1 doctor recommended brand. Not too thick or too thin. Non-staining.
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