Keto CARB Blocker - Carbohydrate Blocking & Appetite Suppressant Supplement for The Ketogenic Diet w/Phase 2 Carb Control & Gymnema Leaf to Reduce Cravings & Blood Sugar Support, 60 Veggie Diet Pills


  • CARB BLOCKER SUPPLEMENT WITH RESEARCH-BACKED INGREDIENTS. Reduce caloric intake and effectively block carbohydrate absorption with patented Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract. No more feeling guilty after you eat a carb-rich meal.
  • IMPROVE BODY COMPOSITION. Support weight loss and body composition improvements with proven ingredients safe for men and women on the ketogenic diet. Improve the fat loss process by controlling cheat meal cravings and preventing cheat meal damage.
  • STAY IN KETOSIS AND PREVENT FAT STORAGE. Keto carb blocker works to prevent the storage of excess carbohydrates as body fat and helps you stay in ketosis. Use Keto Carb Blocker whenever you indulge in a meal that is high in carbs as this will help your body transition back into ketosis once you resume the keto diet.
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA IN a cGMP FACILITY. We guarantee that each Jacked Factory product gives you nothing but the purest, safest and highest quality ingredients on the market. We take your health seriously so we will never sacrifice quality or try to sell you on something that is not supported with science.
  • cGMP USA Manufacturing

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