Lice Comb - Nit Free Professional Stainless Steel for Safe Lice Treatment Offers Easy to Clean Spiral Teeth With Grip Handle to Rid Lice and Fleas from All Hair Types - Enhance Your Hair Appeal Now!


  • CHEMICAL/POISON FREE EFFECTIVE CARE - Don't lather the hair of your loved ones with dangerous pesticides and poisons. Instead, go with the safe alternative where the fate of every louse lies between the teeth of your lice comb!
  • QUALITY: Backed by reviews all over the market! Micro-grooved metal spiral teeth allow for seamless removal of lice larvae & nits (lice eggs) that you have battled for days! Easy to disinfect!
  • COMFORT: Nit-Picking is made effortless with the Zindachi Lice Comb! Teeth attached to a durable stainless steel handle with easy-grip grooves allow you to be tough on the enemy yet easy on your hands and head!
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Stainless steel comb will never rust, is durable & extremely easy to disinfect. You will never need to look for another comb!
  • MULTIPURPOSE: We ensure our product is the same professional-grade product used by hair and pet stylists

Product Detail

Product Description

Your FIGHT to survive LICEpocalypse will finally SUCCEED! GONE are your days of NIT-picking your battles with this LOUSY problem! - Are you sick of dealing with combs and chemical that seem to HARM your hair more than they catch lice and crush nits?! - Embarrassed when your child is sent home from school with a notice to address their lice infestation? ! - Are you annoyed of using combs with teeth so sparsely placed or that simply cannot get through your type of hair?! END the war TODAY with Your Own Zindachi Professional Stainless Steel Comb for Safe Head Lice Treatment! Here at Zindachi, we hold ourselves to the highest degree of manufacturing quality and customer satisfaction: - We acknowledge that no product alone kills 100% of a lice infestation. - Detangle hair prior to using comb for best results! - The high quality stainless steel teeth allow precision removal of lice and nits from the scalp WITHOUT scarring your head! - The tips are perfectly aligned and closely-spaced to make lice/nit removal from all types of hair much EASIER! - Don't keep your child out of school or yourself out of work due to a little louse! Finish your fight with the best comb used by professional lice removers followed by preventative treatment. Let's get you back to school and work without a nit! We back all our products with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee! If you don't absolutely LOVE your Zindachi Lice Comb, just return them, and we will refund every last penny. Don't wait until the next LICEpocalypse because our special pricing may disappear as fast our comb catches the lice on your head. STOP scratching your head and click BUY NOW! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.