Lice Eliminator Oil - Natural DIY Home Treatment Safe for Kids Adults & Family - Kill Super Lice Louse Nits Eggs with Our Fast Easy Pro Removal Product -Formula Clears Head Scalp & Hair

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  • 8 OZ Bottle - Lice Eliminator Oil - Naturally Kill Super Lice With Our Chemical Free Solution
  • The Only Product Clinically Proven To Kill 100% Of Super Lice - Next Gen Pharma Adopted Solution
  • Non Toxic Natural Ingredients - No Parabens, Sulfates, Pesticides, Or Other Harmful Chemicals
  • Most Effective When Used In Conjunction With Our Complete Line Of Spencer's Best Solution Products
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Super lice is a very real phenomenon, which makes it almost impossible to treat lice on your own with the traditional OTC products.  Traditional products have stopped killing the lice bugs because the bugs have evolved a resistance; and these products were never designed to kill eggs in the first place.  Fortunately, some very smart scientists discovered that dimethicone kills the lice bugs VERY EFFECTIVELY.  

And dimethicone is EXTREMELY SAFE. It is found in virtually every makeup and body lotion product on the planet.  It is an oil-based silicone that is benign to the body.  


  1. Massage oil into the scalp while hair is dry. 
  2. Leave in for 1 hour (hair may be covered with shower cap)
  3. Remove oil by thoroughly shampooing hair.  May require several shampoo/rinse cycles,
  4. Repeat all steps above in 5 days, and then again 5 day later (total of 3 treatments). Lice that may hatch between treatments cannot transfer off the head. 

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Spencer's Best Solution owns and operates brick-and-mortar lice clinics that have CURED LICE FOR THOUSANDS OF REAL PEOPLE.  We bring this real-world experience into each of our products.  We have created the most effective, science-based, non-toxic (pesticide-free) products proven to eliminate and prevent lice.   Our complete line of products contains everything you need to TREAT and PREVENT lice.

 Treatment Products

  • Lice Eliminator-100% Dimethicone 
  • Nit Eliminating Mousse 
  • Mint Detangler 

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  • Preventive Shampoo 
  • Preventive Conditioner 
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