Liceadex-eX Home & Bedding Spray :: Complete Lice Removal Home, Bedding, Clothing and more- All natural, organic, and safe - 32 oz value size

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  • Head Lice and Eggs Killer that works 100% on Contact for your kid's furniture and personal items such as combs, hats and bushes.
  • No hassel, Easy To Use Head Lice Treatment spray for your house in a family size - Great Value - Guaranteed to Work
  • Safe for Pets, Small Children and the Elderly using All Natural, Pesticide Free
  • Pleasant Peppermint smell with Geraniol, Head Lice prevention spray and repellent.
  • Remove Lice Completely from your Environment but not to be used as a shampoo.

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Liceadex-eX Home & Bedding Spray - 32 oz. / 946 ml

To prevent Lice reinfestations, it is just as important to remove Lice and Nits infecting and breeding in your environment in addition to the ones on your hair and skin.

All Stop Liceadex-eX Home & Bedding Spray safely and effectively combats Lice and nits in your environment such as clothing, bedding, furniture, and vehicles. By using natural minerals, essential oils and other Non-Toxic ingredients, this product offers an environmentally friendly solution to your Lice problem. The pesticide-free spray is specifically designed to combat the Lice and Nits on your personal belongings.

No other company offers a Maximum Strength, Non-Toxic solution for your personal belongings that may become infested with head lice!

Liceadex-eX Home & Bedding Spray WORKS AS SOON AS IT'S SPRAYED.

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