Medpride Gauze Surgical Sponge | 4"x 4"| 12-ply Extra Absorbent Sponges| Value Pack of 200| All-Gauze, Non-Sterile| Great for Wound Dressing, Prepping, Scrubbing & Cleaning| Essential First-Aid

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  • SUPERIOR ABSORPTION: Created with all-cotton gauze and extra 12-ply thickness, our surgical sponges are far more absorbent than any other, thinner options on the market. With a 4" x 4" size, they provide good coverage and versatility of usage.
  • FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS: Our surgical sponges sport a high quality, 12-ply build that makes them great for wound dressing, surgery prepping, exfoliating, scrubbing as well as cleaning of cuts/scrapes, or even pet cleaning, thanks to their increased absorption & soft fabric quality.
  • BEST VALUE PACK: Each box carries 200, all-gauze, non-sterile surgical sponges making it one of the best deals on Amazon. Grab your pack today, store it in your First-Aid box and enjoy peace of mind as you are always prepared.
  • SOFT TO THE SKIN: The 12-ply construction of the surgical sponges not only provides extra absorption, but is also super soft on the skin, making for comfortable use even for those with most sensitive skin types.
  • THE MEDPRIDE SIGNATURE QUALITY: Medpride is a growing brand of disposable medical products that adheres to the highest standards in the medical industry. We make a point by bringing you as much value & usability with each product, while keeping the costs in check, without sacrificing quality.

Product Detail

Product Description

Gauze Surgical Sponge Pack by Medpride

Medpride is happy to announce the next addition to its disposal First-Aid essentials, the Surgical Sponges Pack.

Superior Absorption

Made out of 100% cotton, our non-sterile, all-gauze sponges are a must have for every household.

With a 12-ply build and a 4" by 4" size, they boast far superior absorption. Simply put, they are bound to fulfill all your needs.

Perfect for:

    ✔ Wound Dressing

    ✔ Surgery prepping

    ✔ Exfoliating

    ✔ Scrubbing

    ✔ Cleaning of cuts/scrapes

    ✔ Makeup Removal

    ✔ Skincare Regimen

    ✔ Pet care

The thick and soft cotton surface allows our surgical sponges to be used even with the most sensitive of skin types, without any irritations.

Best Value Deal

Each box comes with 200 sponges and makes for an amazing deal, at far better prices from local pharmacies.

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