Metal Nit & Lice Comb - Safely & Easily Removes Nits & Head Lices with 33 Double Stripe Pins - More Effective Louse Removal Than Single Stripe Combs. The Best Head Lice Treatment on The Market (1)


  • DON'T LET NITS LINGER Lice comb grips nits, larvae and adult lice and lifts them away to prevent re-infestation and successfully treat lice
  • MOST EFFECTIVE METAL LICE COMB ON THE MARKET With stripes going in both directions along each stainless steel tooth, this head lice comb can capture more eggs and lice to help you clear up infestations in record time
  • MORE TEETH FOR FASTER TREATMENT Metal lice comb has 33 closely positioned pins, more than most competitors! This makes treatment more effective and allows you to comb larger sections of hair to speed up treatment
  • TOUGH ON LICE, EASY ON YOUR TRESSES It won't damage even the finest, most delicate hair. Painless lice comb design is great for kids & adults alike
  • EASY TO CLEAN Nonporous stainless steel gives lice and nits no place to hide! Just place in boiling water for 30 seconds, let it cool to room temperature and rinse to get the comb ready for next time

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Product Description

Think a chemical lice treatment or lice shampoo is enough to completely eliminate a head lice infestation? Think again! Lice shampoo doesn't kill lice eggs, which are also known as nits. If you let them linger, those eggs will hatch and the cycle of head lice will continue all over again. That's why the only way to ensure successful lice treatment is to remove nits while killing the adult lice and the Natuerlabs Metal Nit & Lice Comb is the most effective way to do just that. Nits cling to the scalp and hair and can't be removed with your fingers or an ordinary brush or comb. Only the specially engineered pins of a metal lice comb can successfully loosen the nits and whisk them away. The Natuerlabs Lice Removal Comb features a total of 33 closely set pins constructed out of premium stainless steel. Each pin has a double striped engraving running along its surface and these grooves provide extra lice-grabbing power. Other head lice comb products have fewer pins or just one stripe, so they just can't rival the effectiveness of our revolutionary lice comb. Although the Natuerlabs Lice Comb shows lice no mercy, this metal lice comb is extra gentle on the hair. You can even use it on toddlers' baby soft tresses or on adults with thinning hair or sensitive scalps without causing discomfort or straining the hair strands. After you've finished with a treatment, just drop the head lice comb into boiling water for 30 seconds, cool it and rinse it clean. The heavy-duty construction will allow the lice comb to last through many treatments, even if your family is infested with head lice. Get rid of lice once and for all without damaging your hair, harming your scalp or having to wrestle with an awkward, hard-to-grip metal lice comb. Choose the head lice comb that is simple to use and maximally effective. Order the Natuerlabs Metal Nit & Lice Comb. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.