Metarsal Bunion Corrector Support Kit, Soft Gel Toe Separators & Bunion Cushions, Protector Shield & Pads Orthopedic Bunion Splint, Fast Relief Toe Drift Comfort Treatment One Size Fits Most Pack of 6

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  • 💋 IDEAL FOR KEEPING TOES SEPARATED: If you are experiencing any foot injury or foot disease then, our toe separator would help with keeping your toes apart to speed up the recovery process. The bunion corrector is designed to promote proper toe alignment, so you could walk properly without rubbing your toes together.
  • 💋 ELIMINATES THE CROWDING OF TOES: If your toes get cramped up or crowded in your shoes, it could result in foot corns and blisters between your toes, and it is not a pleasant feeling. It may require you to get a bunion surgery. The bunion pads are an effective way to eliminate the crowding of toes in your shoes.
  • 💋 ANTI-SLIP FIT: The gel toe separators are equipped with anti-slip properties, and they fit perfectly into your loafers or socks without slipping or moving around your shoes. The toe straighteners can be worn under your socks or on its own for relieving bunion pain and toe pain. The double loop design of the pads feel comfortable in your shoes in any setting.
  • 💋 ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: If you have a busy lifestyle and you want to move around without hurting or crowding your toes then, our pack of 3 pairs bunion pads would help you retain your active lifestyle. Our collection of sport pads and spaces allow you to participate in sports activities without hurting your feet in the process.
  • 💋 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We provide our customers with three pairs of bunion pads for the price of one, and if you are not satisfied with our product whatsoever, we offer a 90 days money-back guarantee on our product. Our reusable and washable toe separators can be stored safely for your next use.

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Product Description

Product Description:

Suffering from crowded toes or cramped toes could be seriously discomforting and uncomfortable, and it could lead to a number of problems. It has been proven that when toes are bunched together in one place, it could be upsetting towards your joints or, it could lead to the formation of blisters, foot corns, joint pains, or cramps between your feet. Also, a person is likely to rub its toe together, which is not a comfortable or pleasurable feeling at all. 

We have introduced the perfect approach to cater to your problem. Our pack of three pairs of toe separators or bunion pads is designed to alleviate your toe pain and to relief your toe pain. If you are prescribed with orthopedic shoes or, if you have recently underwent bunion surgery then, our pack of reusable and washable toe separators would help you to recover quickly and effectively.

The toe aligner is designed to keep your toe straight and aligned in your shoes and socks, and our gel toe separators allow you to move around without joining your toes together. Our pack of double loop toe separator helps with the reduction of blisters, foot corns, and calluses.

Relieve the overlapping of toes:

  • Promotes the alignment of toes to relieve irritation from bunion surgery
  • Promotes the separation of toes, and it prevents them from overlapping with each other to ensure comfort and stability
  • Helps with the separation of toes to prevent the rubbing of feet

Designed to fit to your shoes

  • The gel-like property of the pads stick to your feet perfectly
  • It can be worn discreetly beneath your favorite loafers or heels
  • It can be worn with sandals or flip flops
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