Moleskin Coverlets Knit Adhesive Pedi-Pad - 100 Pack - Foot Pads Covers 1 3/8" x 7/8"

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  • Flesh-Colored Oval-Shaped Coverlets are 1 3/8" x 7/8" and Fit Comfortable in Any Type of Shoe
  • Made with Soft Durable Orthopedic Moleskin Designed to Protect the Skin from Friction and Irritation - One of the Most Sought-After Materials in the Podiatry Market
  • Moleskin is 100% Cotton and Latex-Free - Adds Support, Comfort and Stability to Wherever it is Placed. Prevents Blisters and Reduces Friction while Acting as a Coverlet to a Pad
  • Used to Cover Other Friction Reducing Pads by Comfortably Adhering with it's High-Quality Water-Based Adhesive and Act to Prevent Blisters, Further Irritation Caused by Friction or Bruising and Keep the Pad in Place
  • This Order is for a Value Bulk Bundle of 100 Foot Pad Covers to Fulfill a Variety of Needs, The Pack Comes Polybagged in a Clear Plastic Bag Free of Dust and Debris

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These flesh colored oval moleskin coverlets are the perfect solution to keeping all types of padding for the foot and ankle area safe, secure and comfortable- offered by PrimeMed, the leader in moleskin foot products. They are 1 3/8 inch by 7/8 inch and comfortably fit into any type of shoe. These covers are generally used to cover other padding on the foot that is in place due to corns, calluses, bruises, injuries, medical conditions or other foot discomfort. The medical-grade acrylic adhesive keeps it secure in place wherever it is installed. These covers are 100% cotton and latex free and made of versatile moleskin - one of the most sought-after materials in the podiatry market that adds stability, support and comfort to the ankle or foot. These covers drastically reduce friction that causes irritation and prevents blisters and calluses from forming. These come in convenient packs of 40 and value packs of 100 covers, depending on the volume of your foot health needs. These packs all are shipped safely polybagged free of any irritants to keep the fabric as soft and comfortable as possible. This value order is for 100 tan oval shaped pedi pad covers at the lowest unit cost you can find for the quality. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.