Polyactil-N - Maybe the World's Best 1st Aid Ointment for Burns, Wounds, Cuts, Winter Chapping, Summer Damage and More

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  • Now Polyactil-N ... same as always but a bit better !
  • Superior FIRST AID ointment - Cuts, burns, scraps, chapping, etc.
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE without antiseptics, antibiotics, steroids or hormones!
  • Allow beneficial microbes to thrive and battle harmful bacteria
  • Skin Restoration and Protection

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Product Description

Based on new scientific advancements, Polyactil-N is truly amazing for cuts, burns, chapped skin, sports injuries, basic first aid, etc. This leading edge innovation is excellent for skin damaged by winter and summer exposure. It is water-based to provide soothing relief to the wound surface and deep penetrating relief to underlying tissue. Provides superior rehydration to dry or damaged skin or lip tissue. With our unique Superior Polyelectrolyte Technology, the active ingredient is released in a controlled manner for long-lasting, highly-effective therapeutic action. This technology builds a matrix to boost the power and efficacy of the product. The entire formulation works synergistically to provide superior skin treatment with the gentle power of only .5% Allantoin. Plus, the inactive ingredients are formulated based on our proprietary Bio-Harmony standard. We have developed this unique formulation to work compatibly with the micro environment that thrives on and in our bodies. The cells of our body are meant to intuitively heal the tissue they constitute and control inflammation and pain naturally. Being hormone-free, antibiotic-free, steroid-free and cortizone-free, the Polyactil-N matrix works to maintain the body's ideal, stable, balanced environment to allow our cells to perform their natural physiological function, thus maintaining and/or restoring health. This includes allowing beneficial microbes to thrive and battle bacteria as nature intends. While conventional wound treatments contain agents which destroy this natural delicate balance, Polyactil-N works in harmony with our cells and and the entire micro-system to avoid side effects and keep us in peak health. Plus, Polyactil-N boosts the impact with our active ingredient, Allantoin. Polyactil-N is free of hormones, antibiotics, steroids, cortisone, yet incredibly effective. It is appropriate for other open and closed wounds. Non-staining, fragrance-free, light, clear and easy to use.
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