PurEnema Silicone Enema Kit with Medical-Grade Silicone Tubing & Silicone Enema Tips | 1.8 Quart | Medical-Grade Silicone Enema Bag, Reusable Silicone Enema Bag | BPA-Free | Seeking Health


  • IMPORTANT: PurEnema Silicone Enema Kit is manufactured for and sold exclusively by Seeking Health. We DO NOT recommend purchasing this product from any supplier other than Seeking Health on Amazon.com.
  • Free of latex, BPA, vinyl, rubber, aluminum, pthalates, plastic. Very easy to clean, disinfect and reuse for years of use. Replacement Parts Available.
  • Each PurEnema Silicone Enema Kit comes with: medical-grade silicone enema bag, silicone enema tubing, 6 feet silicone colon tube, 1 retention nozzle, 1 rolling clamp, 1 straight nozzle, informative instructional booklet.
  • Use your PurEnema Silicone Enema Kit for retention enemas, normal cleansing enemas or to assist with constipation.
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Product Detail

Product Description

The PurEnema Silicone Kit by Seeking Health is the ultimate in colon cleansing for home or professional use. Why? It is the only Enema Kit providing all medical-grade silicone parts. All of the enema kit parts are completely reusable as they are made from non-toxic materials. They can also be replaced for a low price. This feature reduces impact on our enviroment - and your wallet. The PurEnema Silicone Steel Enema Kit makes it easy to perform an unassisted home enema without the high cost or messiness of older home enema kits. For those needing colon cleansing, the PurEnema Silicone Kit by Seeking Health provides safety, purity, comfort, style, functionality, and durability.

PurEnema Silicone Kit by Seeking Health includes:

1.8 Quart Medical-grade silicone enema bag.

6 feet long x 11 mm diameter (36Fr) medical-grade silicone tubing with clamp.

6 feet long x 11 mm diameter (36Fr) medical-grade silicone colon tube.

5 inch x 8 to 15 mm diameter medical-grade silicone retention enema tip.

2.5 inch x 8 mm diameter medical-grade silicone straight enema tip.

Rolling clamp for use with silicone tubing or colon tube.

PurEnema Instructional Booklet.

Life of Medical-Grade Silicone Tubing: 2 years.

Life of Medical-Grade Silicone Enema Tips: 3 years.

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