Ribbed Metal Lice Treatment Comb: Ergonomic Grip and Ribbed Tines Ensure Deep and Thorough Nit Removal - Head Lice Treatment for Kids and Adults - Lice Nit Comb Works for Humans and Animals


  • RUGGED YET GENTLE: This ribbed metal nix lice comb is tough enough to dig into the scalp and remove all the tiny lice and nits, yet its unique shape means it will be as gentle as possible on the hair.
  • RIBBED FOR MAXIMUM PENETRATION: Unlike plastic or other straight metal combs, this specially-designed head lice comb uses a ribbed, stainless steel surface to penetrate deeper into the hair to unearth even the most tenacious lice and their nits.
  • ANTI-SLIP GRIP: To ensure that the comb will not easily fall out of your hand while strenuously combing, we added ergonomic grip to keep your hand sure and steady. This can make all the difference and allow you to comb for lice in one session without missing a spot.
  • WORKS FOR PEOPLE AND PETS: Our nit lice treatment works for adults, children, and the furry friends in your life, so pick up a couple just in case.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you're ever unsatisfied with your nit lice comb, simply let us know and we'll be right there with a refund or replacement. Lice treatment for adults, kids or pets is no fun, but this comb is your best bet for making the process as quick and painless as possible. Click Add to Cart today, and get ready for relief.

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When Lice Strike, Strike Back with This Eradicating Comb

Are you sick of plastic lice combs that don't make it halfway through a lice treatment session?
Have you been successfully combing for lice only for the comb to fall out of your hand five times?
Do you want one reliable comb you can turn to when you need only the most thorough lice treatment?

Make Your Next Treatment Your Last with Our Unique Ridged Lice Comb.

With a spiral design that efficiently digs through hair while minimizing snarls and an ergonomic grip that stays snug in your hand, our lice comb is the only one you'll need.

Lice Be gone: We realize there's nothing worse than trying and trying lice treatments only to be disappointed every time. That's why we designed a rugged, ribbed comb that will thoroughly cleanse hair of lice and nits, whether the victim is a child, adult, dog or cat.

Treatment Tips: Start with the comb against the scalp. Separate the hair into sections and comb slowly outward. Make sure the hair is thoroughly conditioned beforehand to help prevent snarls. There is some evidence that soaking your hair in coconut oil and keeping it covered for at least 40 minutes will suffocate lice, so if you'd like to try a home remedy before bringing out the big guns, this may be worth your while.

Lifetime Guarantee: We're confident in the longevity and effectiveness of our ribbed stainless steel lice comb. If you're ever unhappy, just reach out to us and we'll make it right with a refund or replacement.

Remove Lice Effectively and Permanently; Order Our Stainless Steel Ribbed Lice Comb Today!

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