Tea Aroma Detox Ayurveda Cleansing Organic Green Tea With 18 Natural Herbs For Weight Loss. Improvement Of Metabolism, Immune System.

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  • Power of Ayurveda - The tea is developed with using ancient herbs in right combination to detoxibying from inside.
  • Helps to Promote digestion - Digestion will improve tremendously with the help of natuaral ingredients used in this tea.Experience less bloating & feel better with each cup.
  • Boost Metabolism & Energy
  • Skin Glow: Tea Aroma detox uses ingredients like Milk Thistle ,Cumin Seed, Shatavari which helps to remove toxin accumulated due to junk food to give make you healthier & light from inside. It brings glow from within.
  • Fights Ageing:- Detoxifies your Skin from inside toxins & gives you a healthy skin for days to come.

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Detox Tea

Our body is surrounded by the dearth of toxins and dust. Even the basic necessities like air and water are not pure. In amidst of such frantic urban lifestyle that causes extreme health hazards, embrace yourself with the all-new detox tea. Blessed with the goodness of herbal extract of Ayurveda, detox tea allows your skin becomes clearer, healthier, and younger than ever.

Basked in the goodness of Milk Thistle this detox bliss is a strong liver detoxifier helping you flush out toxins that cause cholesterol, diabetes and gallbladder disorders, thereby preventing skin damage. Another major ingredient Amla rules the wellness list and help in repairing and nourishing both skin and hair.


Green Tea, Milk Thistle, Amla, Shatavari, Fennel Seed, Cumin Seed, Coriander Seed, Ajwain, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Cardamom Nettle Leaves.

Anti-ageing Tea

If you want to witness the perfect blend of moonlight white tea and blue butterfly pea tea, the enigmatic anti-ageing tea gives you the pinch of youth in form of rich antioxidants.

The white tea is made of finely plucked baby leaves and buds. Skipping the oxidation process makes it rich in antioxidants polyphenols. Blue Pea tea travels all the way from regions of Chiang Mai in Thailand and blends with the white tea, to give you the perfect anti-ageing sip of heaven. Its fruity flavour and smooth, bitterness taste make it even more desirable.

This miraculous drink helps slow the ageing process naturally, bestowing a younger looking skin beaming with the flawless glow.

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