Ultimate GyneMax - One 30-Day Supply of Ultimate GyneMaxTM, 90 capsules

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The proprietary ingredients in Ultimate GyneMax's natural male breast reduction formula are guaranteed to help you lose unwanted fat deposits. (Caralluma Fimbriata extract) - This wild, succulent cactus has been consumed by Tribesmen in India for centuries. A "survival food," it's counted on for its powerful appetite suppression and thirst quenching properties. It helps you think about food less and tricks your brain into thinking you're satisfied. This ingredient is NOT a stimulant and has no reported side effects. Double-blind, placebo controlled clinical studies prove that SlimalumaTM supports significant weight loss while reducing appetite safely. Scientists believe the pregnane glycosides in Slimaluma halt the "I'm hungry" signal sent by the hypothalamus portion of your brain. A recent double-blind, placebo controlled clinical study showed that test subjects taking Caralluma Fimbriata were nearly 20% less hungry than the control group who didn't take it. More AMAZINGLY, the test group taking Caralluma Fimbriata LOST 72% MORE WEIGHT on average than the control group and dropped more than DOUBLE the inches.
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