Wart Remover, Wart Removal, Verruca and Plantar wart Remover, Wart Liquid, Wart Remover Liquid, Common and Plantar Warts Treatment, Stop Warts Regrow, Natural Advanced Liquid Formula


  • ◆◆100% Natural - We've combined natural ingredients and herbs to treat you to effective warts relief the safe way.
  • ◆◆Applicability - Penetrates Deep to Remove Wart. Suitable for the removal of common warts and the removal of plantar wars on the bottom of the foot.
  • ◆◆Wart Removal - Get rid of warts, plantar warts, common warts, flat warts, molluscum without burning or freezing.
  • ◆◆Effective - Helps rejuvenate and revitalize tired and sore feet while promoting the healing of warts, calluses and corns.
  • ◆◆Easy to use - no wasted warts remover liquid by using the cotton swab, you can use it anywhere you have warts and not worry about discomfort or bad reactions.

Product Detail

Product Description

Ingredients: Coptis chinensis Franch, Cortex phellodendri, Acorus tatarinowii, Mentha haplocalyx Briq, Glycerol.


1. Wash the affected area with warm water first and dry it;

2. Apply this product with cotton swab to the wart area. The big wart area can be applied severaal times. Don't apply it to the surrounding skin and mucous membranes;

3. Twice a day, once in the morning and evening, should stick on use it, stop using when the warts is white and the affected skin dropped. It disappears completely after about 20 days.


1, For external use only;

2, Do not drink alcohol duiring using it.

3, Do not smear on healthy skin, not suitable for face;

4,After the wart is formed into a piece, it can not be avulsed, so as not to cause infection and leave scars.

5, Caution used if you are skin allergies, pregnant women prohibited;

6, Keep out of reach of children.
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