ZenToes Bunion Guards Gel Shields 4 Pack Cushions and Protects

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  • Made with soft, durable gel that cushions and protects your bunion
  • The bunion shield works to cushion the side of your foot and prevent rubbing, absorbs both pressure and friction
  • Enjoy bunion pain relief without surgery so you can continue with your active lifestyle
  • Made with quality gel and can be rewashed and used again and again
  • One size fits most, four guards included in each package

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Product Description

Foot bunions are one of the most painful foot problems and unfortunately, they are also one of the most difficult to treat. The surgery that is done to address bunions requires lengthy recovery time, and many people with bunions simply don't want to deal with the pain and discomfort that comes with these procedures.

At ZenToes, we believe that a holistic approach to bunion relief that focuses on easing discomfort is preferable to surgery whenever possible, so we've worked hard to develop a bunion protector that would provide relief from pressure and friction on your bunion.

ZenToes Bunion Pads allow you to stay active by providing bunion pain relief. Our bunion shield fits over your big toe and works as a bunion cushion and protector.

The bunion shield is a soft gel pad that rests against the side of your foot to reduce friction against tender skin. It works just like adhesive bunion pads but will not come loose or shift out of place during the day.

Made from a unique gel material, ZenToes Bunion Pads conform to the unique shape of your foot and are so comfortable that you'll forget you're wearing them. The bunion corrector is washable and reusable, and unlike many bunion pads, can be worn inside of nearly all shoes. One size fits all, the bunion shield is sold in a four pack for your convenience. You can wash and reuse the protectors again and again.

At ZenToes we strive to provide the highest quality foot care treatments available. Our premium foot care products are made from medical grade materials to ensure that you receive superior products for your feet. Live an active, balanced, pain free lifestyle when you trust your foot care to ZenToes. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

This product has been packaged with dignity and purpose by an individual with diverse abilities who works at Opportunities, Inc. in Wisconsin.

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